MYNXG (My Next Generation) was founded in 2013 by senior telecom- and communication expert Bernd Möller. Bernd co-developed key elements of the global mobile infrastructure like smart phone architectures, LTE (4G) and WCDMA (3G) as well as multiple secure mobile payment systems. Prior to MYNXG Bernd held senior executive positions at Intel and Ericsson.
He and his fast growing team immediately recognised the enormous potential of Internet of Things (IoT) for business customers. Together they developed a unique smart, realtime and secure IoT platform. This platform is implemented at several German and leading global industries to connect their industrial equipment or integrate their supply chains.
To manage the strong growth and global scale up, the MYNXG board was extended in 2018 by two senior business executives (Mirko Schnitzler and Jilles Eissen) with a strong industry and finance background.

MYNXG has offices in Nuremberg (HQ), Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and Utrecht (The Netherlands).