Secure IoT platform

MYNXG is an advanced IoT Platform with four layers:
Flow is designed to connect people with IoT data via Digital Twins, Electronic Inventories, management dashboards & mobile applications. Handling large volumes of business data in realtime with advanced analytics, machine learning and user centric visualizations, so you can improve your business process. More on Flow
The Core is a cloud agnostic, rapidly scalable service and transformation layer, which can be hosted in our high availability infrastructure and runs on all key global platforms available. It processes data, manages software updates over-the-air, global cellular coverage and data-subscription. Using our end-to-end security, all business transactions can be logged in our proprietary blockchain. Additional applications can be implemented via our restful API. Our API's allow you to integrate with your industry-specific components and third-party applications (ERP, CRM, BPM) or develop customized applications. More on Core
Edge is the gateway in our platform that connects your things. It works directly with your own sensors or support to aggregate the data from the Senses. Our Edges are plug and play, can be updated over-the-air and they execute local tasks to reduce communication cost. They are always directly connected to the cloud with our unique end-to-end security technology. More on Edge
Our Sense gathers realtime data about your goods or assets. We encrypt this sensitive business data immediately to prevent unauthorized access. Our senses are plug and play, are updated over-the-air (OTA), and designed to process data under the most challenging conditions. More on Sense