How everything works

Make your assets smart


This product is a high performance gateway, which is easy to install in any electrical cabinet or as a standalone. Optimized for monitoring entire systems like bulk tanks, machinery and shop floors it can be extended with virtually any sensor required. It is powered with the MYNXG Gateway OS combining the benefits of Android® and Linux® environments. 

Key Features

  • High performance edge computing (e.g. machine learning, over-the-air updates and calibration) on Intel Atom 
  • Multi mode secure communication (LTE/3G/GSM, WIFI Client and Hotspot, 2 ISM Band Systems)  and Ultra wide band (UWB) realtime location services
  • Unlimited access to industrial networks via 2 Gigabyte Ethernet Interfaces, Siemens S7 compliant (Profinet)
  • Access to industrial sensors via 4 FIELDCom Group Complaint Hart Interfaces 
  • Connect analog sensors via 4 Industrial Voltage/Current Intefaces  
  • Additional MYNXG digital I²C Bus, Serial Interface (RS232/R485) and DisplayPort 
  • All data is end-to-end encrypted via the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Use existing electrical cabinet infrastructures (DIN Rail)
  • Size 145 x 125 x 56 mm
Product Specifications

Realtime bulk inventory

With smart and connected large bulk industrial tanks we make your supply chain radically more efficient. Realtime inventory and asset conditions are used to improve existing daily operational processes and reduce risk. 

Manage through volatility  

Commodity raw materials are typically highly volatile, with prices impacted by the smallest imbalances in supply and demand. Use realtime tank data to turn this volatility into more net profit.

Drive operations productivity 
Create a secure log of the tank data in our dedicated blockchain to automate goods receipts in your business systems and eliminate the reliance on weight bridge measurements for bulk trucks filling and emptying the tanks.


Make your machine smart

This product is designed to make any industrial machine smart. It is a highly efficient gateway that balances operating performance and installation costs to enable large scale IoT deployments. It comes in robust industrial housing and supports I²C Bus & Modbus interfaces as well as multiple communication protocols. 

Key Features

  • Standard equipped with gyro and ambient light sensor 
  • Unlimited sensors types via 2 ModBus (galvanic isolated) networks, 4 MYNXG digital I²C Bus and Satellite interfaces
  • Edge computing (e.g. machine learning, over-the-air updates and calibration)
  • All data is end-to-end encrypted via the Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Power supply AC 220/110V or industrial DC
  • Multi mode secure communication (LTE/3G/GSM, WIFI Client and Hotspot) and RJ45 Ethernet up to 100 Mbs
  • Size 145 x 120 x 50 mm
Product Specifications

Secure machines as a service

With smart and secure machines you can start offering them as a service to your customer, create monthly revenue streams based on actual usage and operating conditions.

"Air as a service" model 

We measure hundred different parameters in a single fan. Thousands of these fans get securely connected and transacted through our blockchain to enable "air as a service” business models. 

Protect critical infrastructure 

Connected machines expose your company to additional cyber security risk. The number of attacks via unsecured industrial IoT devices is steadily increasing. Our true differentiation is our end-to-end security approach. Experts put us years ahead of competition in this field.