MYNXG supports the ACHEMA Digital Hub.

German technology company MYNXG supports the creation of the ACHEMA Digital Hub. The ACHEMA Digital Hub is a great opportunity for everyone in the process manufacturing industry to learn about the digital transformation and how to let people interact securely with things, data and processes.

"The digital transformation in the process manufacturing industry is rapidly accelerating on the back of the 5G developments”, says Mirko Schnitzler, MYNXG’s CSO. "At MYNXG, we believe that digital security and integration between operational and information technology should major focus areas in such transformations”. Security is the most important aspect of digital transformations which typically is not understood. Working digital is about combining loads of business data with millions of distributed devices and letting many people interact with it. This creates inherent cyber security risks. Only integrated digital platforms, with hardware based, end-to-end encryption and secure blockchain transactions, can effectively address these risks.

"The major benefits of digital transformations in the process manufacturing industry are achieved when operational environments are connected to business systems. This allows companies to take every step of their supply chain digital and drive automation without compromises” says Christian Klein, MYNXG’s VP for Sales and Marketing. "It saves time, money, reduces risks in processes and helps companies to discover the true potential of products and assets that they deployed. In addition, it allows them to create amazing, realtime user experiences for any of their customers”.

The ACHEMA Digital Hub creates a new place where people and technology meet. This hotspot brings leaders, experts, enthusiasts, talents and digital solution providers together. "Digital technologies are often recognized as a complex and difficult to understand and the Digital Hub addresses this challenge by allowing experts in process manufacturing and experts in operational and information technology to collaborate”, says Bernd Möller, MYNXG’s founder and CEO. "At MYNXG we are experts in secure industrial IOT and believe that our unique smart, realtime and secure industrial IOT platform and integrated architecture can add significant benefits to the process manufacturing industry and sets a standard for security in this space”. We are looking forward to the first ACHEMA Digital Hub in 2021 and meet other experts within the process manufacturing industry to drive the digital transformation together, securely.

MYNXG industrial blockchain technology is officially US patented.

German technology company MYNXG was just granted a US patent for its novel blockchain technology. MYNXG developed its blockchain technology for high performance industrial use-cases and recently started using it for secure and privacy compliant transactions with regular smartphones. This technology makes audit trails in a digital connected industry secure and trustable.

"I am happy for the team that our technology is now officially US patented”, says Bernd Moeller, MYNXG’s founder and CEO. "The whole MYNXG development team worked hard to create a blockchain technology which is fast enough to handle the high transaction volumes and strict performance requirements for use in real-time industrial applications. Our blockchain technology is primarily used to create a secure digital audit trail when for example a piece of industrial equipment experiences a critical event or needs to record specific usage parameters that are relevant for maintenance or invoicing. The MYNXG blockchain supports internal and external audit, verification and certification parties and allows for continuous compliancy.”

The MYNXG Blockchain is designed to process large transaction volumes at high speed, which is required for global business operations with millions of connected IOT devices. It can handle the transactions all fixed and mobile devices that operate and transact globally within MYNXG secure IOT platform architecture. The MYNXG Blockchain Technology uses a hardware-based security framework, with trusted platform modules (TPM) in the devices and industrial scale hardware security modules (HSM) in the cloud, which are certified by the German federal office of information security (BSI) and relevant authorities in other key legislations.

"Our technology finally opens the door for industrial scale-up of blockchain applications. This allows original equipment manufacturers to digitize calibration and certification, or even start to move to equipment as a service models.”, says Mirko Schnitzler, MYNXG’s CSO. "With our blockchain we can combine industrial IOT data with business data to drive value creation in supply chains. Imagine all transactions with your suppliers and customers are logged automatically in a trustable digital way. This will allow anyone to be radically more efficient and faster than ever before.”

MYNXG Launches Privacy Compliant Pandemic Tracker For COVID-19.

"This technology is revolutionary and years ahead of anything else”, says Bernd Moeller, MYNXG’s founder and CEO. "My entire life has been dedicated to developing mobile technology, ranging from smartphone architectures, global 4G standards to secure mobile payments. MYNXG is normally focused on developing industrial solutions, but when the first signs of the COVID 19 pandemic appeared, we checked how we could utilize our technologies to save lives.”

Each smartphone needs to be securely connected to the MYNXG blockchain, which can be done using NFC readers available in our daily lives, like ATM’s and payment terminals. With this technology it is possible to automatically alert people when someone in their recent contact chain has been diagnosed as ‘COVID-19 infected’ by a medical professional and guide them to the nearest test center. Another possibility is to establish pandemic safety zones for medical professionals, which cannot be accessed without the necessary approvals. This reduces the risk of cross-contaminations.

Through this, governments and medical professionals will get real-time insights into the pandemic spread, as well as the effectiveness of the alerts that were issued. At any time, the MYNXG blockchain takes care that the individual’s data is secure, and their privacy stays protected, and no personal data or movement information will be shared.

"Of course, we do understand that you can get detailed movements data through mobile operators but warning people and tracking movements will not be without significant privacy compromises”, says Mirko Schnitzler, MYNXG’s CSO. "With our technology we can create an effective warning and tracking systems without compromising privacy. We will now start working closely with selected governments and NFC infrastructure operators to accelerate the deployment of this critical infrastructure.”

MYNXG Teams Up With DroneUp. Bulk Tank Surveys.

MYNXG needed a rapid bulk chemical tank surveying methodology to support its customers with capturing dimensional and engineering parameters on bulk chemicals tanks. Parameters that are typically gathered through conventional methods, e.g. engineers inspecting tanks, which requires working at heights and is therewith intrinsically unsafe and slow to execute.

Looking at the operating conditions in a typical chemical tank infrastructure, there are many possible restrictions or complications including hazardous or atmosphere explosive (ATEX) classified materials. DroneUp has managed to handle these different operating conditions effectively and capture aerial analysis on chemical tanks at 50 different locations through the USA.

Apart from the basic parameters, DroneUp developed and refined the data capture process, including rendered video footage, which helps to prepare the actual engineering work that the MYNXG team has to execute on each site when installing their secure IoT technology. In addition, they created a process that could be quickly replicated across their extensive pilot network.

DroneUp provides end-to-end aerial data solutions to commercial industries and public sector organizations, leveraging our patent-pending platform, Mission Match™️. Through the Mission Match™️ platform, we can locate, qualify, and deploy a single-pilot or multi-pilot crew according to our client requirements. DroneUp is committed to providing a comprehensive network of pilots while maintaining a steadfast commitment to efficient client services and safety. DroneUp is located in 50 states with its headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. For more information log on to

Reduced taxes for ethical hackers. Europe to rethink cybersecurity.

The attacks on industrial IoT systems (IIoT) used manufacturing, energy and chemical operations doubled in 2018 and an estimated of more than one-third get unreported. By targeting industrial systems attackers can do vast amounts of damage, ranging from stealing sensitive data, network shut downs leading to dangerous situations, to industrial systems break downs, causing physical damage.

Many control systems still run on old or bespoke operating systems making them vulnerable, and the main attack vector for these systems is unsurprisingly via the internet through unsecured ports and systems to can gain access to. The comment "protect our fortress with pull-up bridges” methods are outdated. Western Europe, specifically Germany, shows the largest growth in numbers of attacks.

Organizations like the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), focused on cybersecurity strategic research and European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) supporting policy development and implementation, are a good start, but Europe is insufficiently prepared.

The United States setup USCYBERCOM which plans, coordinates, integrates, synchronizes and conducts activities direct the operations and defense of all domains and ensure US/Allied freedom of action in cyberspace. A new NATO command center is meant to host a 70-strong team fed with military intelligence and real-time inform to deter cyber-attacks and should be operational in 2023.

Mass-scale deployments of industrial IoT systems (IIoT) is essential for European businesses to radically increase productivity and remain competitive in the global economy. This will only materialize if more energy is spent on preventing attacks from happening in the first place and creating a real-time response when an attack takes place to defer the attackers.

A three-prong approach seems the most effective way of addressing this. Firstly, upgrading the infrastructures using secure platforms with advanced end-to-end encryption technology, secondly setting up a centralized monitoring body where all attacks and system weaknesses get mandatorily reported and thirdly a rapid response teams with cyber security experts to fend off the attackers.

We believe layering this structured method with an independent distributed incentive approach, using white hat or ethical hackers (as already institutionalized by companies like google recently) to proactively improve current setups. By providing them tax breaks directly correlated to the issues found, we improve security faster and get more experts capacity behind this.

MYNXG Awarded. Industrial and Logistic Innovation.

German "Initiative Mittelstand" has announced the winners of the "Innovation Prize IT 2018" for Industry and Logistics. In the category "Industry & Logistics" MyOmega Systems GmbH, Nuremberg, was named the winner.

The winning solution, the "MYNXG TracoBin®" system sets completely new standards for the supply of small parts in the manufacturing industry: An intelligent camera module integrated into a kanban container autonomously monitors the inventory inside the container and automatically triggers an order or picking as soon as a preset stock threshold is reached , This automates the logistical process at the crucial point and increases the security of supply, both in terms of in-plant logistics and supplier-side parts supply. Read full article.