How everything works

Electronic Inventory

We provide user friendly dashboards and mobile phone apps to get status, key properties and location of all connected devices and their attached sensors. Giving you realtime updates and a historical view of their performance.
Global engineering library  
Extend the electronic inventory with additional data of the equipment that the devices are attached to, including critical operating thresholds or usage rules. This creates more speed and accuracy in the engineering departments and provides opportunities to standardize equipment and consolidate spend. 
Digital equipment compliance
Extend the electronic inventory with additional data of the equipment that the devices are attached to, including compliance relevant data, document and images. This eliminates the need for audit preparation by creating a realtime view of all global equipment in operation. 

Digital Twins

We provide user friendly dashboards and mobile phone apps for realtime tracking of all the relevant data from your connected devices. Giving you minute-to-minute updates of the key parameters, status and history.

Predictive analysis

The realtime data from the connected devices is combined with business data to allow for detailed analysis and live monitoring of systems and predict when issues may occur to prevent costly downtime.

Process improvement

Digital twins help to improve (customer) processes by analyzing and understanding the actual operations in realtime. The insights can be used to develop enhancements to existing products, operational processes or services.
Get pro-active alerts 
Alerts can be triggered when specific threshold are exceeded and thus preventing, for example, human error, product failure, process delays or increase safety levels.

Digital Access Management

People become part of the end-to-end security of our platform. Regardless whether employee, contractor or visitor, you can securely transact within the company environments using a mobile device of choice. Through our MYNXG blockchain we can log critical decisions and activities. 

Faster gate entry for trucks

Inbound and outbound transport visits are prepared upfront, authorized and processed digitally. This creates a significant reduction in waiting time at the gate and during loading/offloading on site. Lets your drivers drive, not wait.  

Compliance on critical tasks

Activities relevant for safety or security, like the unlocking of a machine or tank, are often managed manually and with paper-based processes. Doing this digitally via MYNXG Blockchain saves costs, increases compliance and safety.
Prevent unsafe situations

Making people part of our end-to-end secure platform helps you to increase safety on site. We can detect unauthorized mobile phone usage (ATEX,NEC500/505) and alert on untrained or unauthorized access to such zones. 

Connecting business systems

Value creation in industrial IoT relies on combining IoT data with business data. Direct connectivity to your existing legacy business systems is the key to automation of routine transactions that are currently performed by people throughout the value chain.  

Automating ERP activities 
Most companies rely on enterprise resource systems (ERP) to run their daily operations and create accurate financial reporting. Many are not intrinsically smart and require significant manual interactions that can be automated by using the data gathered by the IoT devices.

Working across company boundaries
Enterprise resource systems (ERP) are typically designed to work within legal entities and it takes significant efforts to connect with customers or suppliers. Value creation in industrial IoT is driven across value chains which requires much smarter ways to handle master and transactional data.