How everything works

Store and process data


Our service and transformation layer can be hosted on our high availability infrastructure or specifically on-premise if required. It is cloud agnostic and compatible with all key global platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The different services range from data, device and mobile management to organizing the end-to-end security as well as our blockchain. Core can rapidly deploy embedded software updates to each device over-the-air (OTA) which benefits machine learning across the things. 

Key Features

  • Cloud Foundry compliant, runs on any key global platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure or on-premise
  • Mobile management with pooled data budgets and multiple networks per country
  • End-to-end hardware based encryption with realtime decryption
  • Remote updates of embedded software over the air (OTA)
  • Dedicated public key infrastructure (PKI) and cipher suite technology
  • High availability and scalable physical cloud infrastructure 
  • Automated device testing and identify management
  • Patented MYNXG IoT blockchain technology for high transaction volumes

Manage global devices

Through industrial IoT we make mission-critical equipment, parts and supply chains smart. The connected devices perform operations that are key to a business. Device management refers to all of the tools, capabilities and processes necessary to support large scale deployments of such devices. 

Provisioning and authentication

During each startup sequence the entire software inside our gateways and sensors are checked for authenticity and integrity. Only successfully validated software applications are executed. 
Configuration and control

All devices can be configured and controlled after deployment in the field to facilitate existing or new functionality, improve performance, deploy machine learning parameters and protect against new security threats. 
Monitoring and diagnostics
All devices operate without human interference and are supported by advanced remote monitoring and diagnosing processes to identify potential issues in the field proactively. 
Over-the-air updates

Never let the embedded software in your devices and the attached sensors run out of date. Our encryption technology allows for secure updates and calibration over-the-air. No manual intervention or physical access is required.

End-to-end security

Through its many connected devices, industrial IoT increases cyber security risks. Currently 25% of the industrial cyber attacks are through insecure IoT devices. End-to-end security management refers to all of the tools, capabilities and processes in the platform that protect your data and devices.

Stay in control of your data

We keep your data encrypted from the time it is measured by the sensor until the moment it is used by a user or a program in your company. You choose where this data is stored, who gets access to which data and when. You can securely share specific data elements directly with your suppliers and customers.
PKI / Cipher suite

The service layer includes our public key infrastructure (PKI) which generates, distributes and manages the keys necessary for encryption and decryption. All meta data, secret and value data are generated by trusted platform modules (TPM) which are installed on all MYNXG Senses and Edges.
ISO 27001 Certified

The entire management system is ISO 27001 certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Manage global mobility

Industrial IoT applications require global mobility to monitor equipment, parts or supply chain which poses specific communication challenges. Mobile management refers to all of the tools, capabilities and processes necessary to optimize data usage and realtime connectivity. 

Global coverage and data cost

Multiple mobile networks are combined into one global service. This service is provided as a data pool which can be customized into regional profiles depending on the deployment. We provide the best network quality over national roaming for all G20 states. Only active connected devices are charged for and data usage is optimized to create the best possible cost structure.  

Realtime mobile connectivity

Using mobile devices in your global IoT deployments requires an infrastructure that continuously listens for devices requiring data from or wanting to provide data to the service layer. It requires high-performance processing as there is only a millisecond for the service layer to react and respond to such a device before it goes back offline.

High speed blockchain

When industrial IoT data is combined with business data to drive value creation, secure transaction logs become critical. Blockchain refers to all of the tools, capabilities and processes in our service layer that are necessary to create these tamper-free transaction logs.

Large volumes at high speed

Our MYNXG Blockchain is designed to process large transaction volumes at high speed, which is required for global business operations with millions of connected IoT devices. It can handle the transactions you select as critical of all fixed and mobile devices that operate globally as part of our platform.  
Certified technology

Our MYNXG Blockchain technology uses the trusted platform modules (TPM) in the devices and industrial scale hardware security modules (HSM) in the Core, which are certified by the German federal office of information security (BSI). 
Tamper-free transactions records

Our MYNXG Blockchain technology records all digital transactions that you select in a tamper-free log. This is is critical for use in sensitive processes like invoicing or payment, where trust across company boundaries is key. It supports internal and external audit, verification and certification parties and allows for continuous compliancy.

Build and connect your applications

To drive value creation with industrial IoT, it needs to interact with the business data and connect directly to the users and the legacy system environment of each customer. Application platform interfaces (API) refers to all of the tools, capabilities and processes necessary for anyone or anything to connect and interact with our platform. 

Rest API

Applications can easily be implemented on the Rest API which is available in our service layer. This is also referred to as a RESTful web service -based on representational state transfer (REST) technology, an architectural style and approach to communications often used in web services development. 

Visualization and integration

All interaction with business users, business data and business legacy systems are managed through the API. However, many of the commercially available tools that businesses typically use, do not meet the end-to-end security standards that are core to our platform. We have a suite of tools and partners that can help you keep this end-to-end security intact.