MYNXG was founded in 2013 and operates a unique smart, realtime and secure industrial IoT platform. This platform is implemented at several German and leading global industrial players to connect products, systems, machines and people securely and integrate the transactions with existing business systems.  Its unique architecture is considered to be the industry reference for security. 
MYNXG holds essential architectural patents for secure industrial IoT based on end-to-end encryption. MYNXG invented the MYNXG blockchain, specifically designed for industrial use, which can be used by any device. MYNXG access technology lets people interact securely with things, data and processes in their daily business. It utilizes the MYNXG Mobile Secure App that operates on any smartphone that supports NFC technology. 

MYNXG is a fast growing scale-up company with EUR 10M+ revenues, operating with a team of 60+ people, through four legal entities, with offices in Nuremberg (HQ), Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and Utrecht (The Netherlands).