Frequently Asked Questions

What is an API?

The term API is an acronym, it stands for "Application Programming Interface”, and provides software functions. The API provides Services and return Data. The Term API is typical used for a formalized and frozen software Interface that is used by 3rd parties to program own Applications.

We like to use the metaphor of a restaurant. In a restaurant you order from a menu. All the dishes are listed along with a description. After you order, the kitchen prepares the menu as desired. As a guest you don't know exactly how they cook it, and you don't really need to know. An API works quite the same for developers. It lists a summary of operations that developers, can use, along with a clear description of what they do. How the operating system builds and presents a particular function is not important for the developer, they just need to know it is available for use in their application. 

MYNXG provides according to the above specification 2 API’s:

  • Service Layer API, that is providing the MYNXG Services to the MYNXG Transformation Layer that contain the IoT Applications.
  • Gateway API, that is providing the edge computing capabilities of the Gateway towards the Gateway APPs.