Connected Containers

Customer Industries

We help customers in the chemical, petrochemical and food industry to help save time, money and reduce risk via our connected IBC solution: 
Realtime shipment tracking
Mobile containers are valuable assets that travel with your product. MYXNG enabled containers never get lost and understand when and where they got damaged and by whom.
Reduce manual work
Stop doing regularly checks on fill level. Our smart IBC will report all required user data via convenient user interfaces on app or dashboards
Never run out of stock
By using realtime container data you can trigger automatic reorder points and increase service levels at your customers.
Reduce transport cost

Organize automatic pickups at customers of empty containers and reduce cost for returning empty containers.
Optimize working capital

Sharing realtime product consumption from the containers with your key raw material suppliers can help to make optimize production schedules and smarter inventory deployment decisions. 

Bulk tanks connected

Customer Industries

We help customers in the chemical, petrochemical and food industry to help save time, money and reduce risk via our connected fix storage tank solution: 

Improve asset turns 

Understanding how often your tank turns each product in realtime, helps you to make better inventory deployment decisions. Together with transport data you can fine tune your network.

Manage through volatility

Commodity raw materials are typically highly volatile, with prices being impacted by the smallest imbalances in supply and demand. Use realtime tank data to turn this volatility into more net profit.

Automatic goods receipts

Each tank understands when it receives materials and couples this with open purchase orders expected that week. Employees confirm the match and a goods receipt get logged in ERP. 

Run predictive maintenance

The tanks know their usage profile, its exact product exposure and installed sensors. With this data it automatically plans maintenance intervals. All actions are tamperfree stored in our blockchain for regulatory and compliance purposes.

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Access Management

Smarter and faster

MYNXG Access Management helps you reducing waiting times at the gate. Drop-offs and pick-ups of goods and security checks of individuals are prepared, authorised and processed digital. Certified drivers will get priority access and win back valuable time, creating significant cost reductions on transport. 
Realtime visibility
You have realtime access who is on site, where and how long. Not only extreme valuable in emergency situations but also for daily site management.  

Safety first

Dangerous goods environments require specific care for people working in these area's. We keep you employees and visitors safe with the MYNXG Access Management system. We ensure they can only access and operate in approved zones by using available data and IoT technology.