Industrial Cybersecurity

Connecting industrial IOT devices to the public internet through fixed or mobile connections increases the perimeter for cybersecurity attacks dramatically. Currently more than 25% of the industrial cyberattacks are through IOT devices.

MYNXG trusted compute base (TCB) with its TPM based end-to-end security meets the highest industrial security standards. MYNXG provides industrial equipment manufacturers with best in class industrial IOT security architecture that complies with industrial standards like CTIA cybersecurity and the ISA/IEC 62443. Through successful co-operation with worldwide leading OEM’s, MYNXG operates the smallest TCB footprint in the industry, so that it can be embedded into any industrial device. Easy integration, production tools and lifecycle management ensure rapid deployment to accelerate the global availability of cyber secure industrial IOT devices.

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Security as a Service

The MYNXG PKI, MYNXG OS and the MYNXG TCB are used to manage the lifecycle of MYNXG and third-party products. The MYNXG Edge product family provides interfaces like Modbus, OSPD, PROFINET, Hart FieldCOMM for the secure integration of nearby any industrial device. With these technologies MYNXG provides security as a service for the Operational Technology (OT) from the original production of the device up to the end of life. Continuous over-the-air (OTA) updates of product and cybersecurity features make sure that the devices are always in the best possible security state.

Hardware Based Security

The MYNXG trusted compute base (TCB) consists of the trusted platform modules (TPM) and the MYNXG Cipher Suite. The MYNXG TCB uses commercially available TPM 2.0 chips, which are used to store encryption keys and create encrypted data objects. The TPM allows for CC-EAL Level 4 certified security solutions that provide the highest level of industrial IOT security. The hardware based MYNXG TCB manages device security processes such as, secure boot, software updates over the air, encryption of secret value data and blockchain transactions.

Easy to integrate

MYNXG TCB can be easily integrated into existing industrial device solutions through its minimal hardware footprint and available interfaces on device and cloud level. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can integrate MYNXG TCB at the printed circuit board (PCB) level by adding the TPM hardware and integrating the MYNXG OS or as co-processing solution via existing hardware interfaces in the MYNXG gateways.

Industrial Security Standards

The ISA/IEC 62443 standard for industrial cybersecurity covers all sectors and critical infrastructures (CISA/KRITIS). The MYNXG secure industrial IOT platform meets the ISA/IEC 62443 and CTIA cybersecurity standards and makes it easy to deploy these standards as a security framework for industrial devices. MYNXG supports the asset owners with network segmentation, access account and authentication management. MYNXG offers service provisioning through secure configurable dashboards, digital twin and scada solutions. Secure cellular communication with the MYNXG Edge/Sense product families is provided via the public networks or the MYNXG Campus. MYNXG as product supplier provides a full lifecycle management, including security updates. MYNXG partner products for PLC, industrial process and warehouse automation, as well as access control are securely integrated into the MYNXG architecture. All MYNXG devices are designed for ISA/IEC 62443 security and CTIA cybersecurity compliancy.

Industrial Device Hardening

MYNXG Edge and Sense product families are currently in the CTIA IOT Cybersecurity certification process and MYNXG started the IEC/ISO 62433 audit process as a product supplier. The MYNXG industrial hardening includes functional testing with MYNXG platform, software white-listing, encryption keys storage in TPM, locking device ports, tampering detection, alarm reporting (syslog standards), product lifecycle management, over the air security and functional updates work, security zoning and layering and eliminating the need for manual intervention or physical access.