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MYNXG Teams Up With DroneUp. Bulk Tank Surveys.


MYNXG needed a rapid bulk chemical tank surveying methodology to support its customers with capturing dimensional and engineering parameters on bulk chemicals tanks. Parameters that are typically gathered through conventional methods, e.g. engineers inspecting tanks, which requires working at heights and is therewith intrinsically unsafe and slow to execute.

Looking at the operating conditions in a typical chemical tank infrastructure, there are many possible restrictions or complications including hazardous or atmosphere explosive (ATEX) classified materials. DroneUp has managed to handle these different operating conditions effectively and capture aerial analysis on chemical tanks at 50 different locations through the USA. 

Apart from the basic parameters, DroneUp developed and refined the data capture process, including rendered video footage, which helps to prepare the actual engineering work that the MYNXG team has to execute on each site when installing their secure IoT technology. In addition, they created a process that could be quickly replicated across their extensive pilot network.


MYNXG is a fast-growing Internet of Things (IoT) scale-up combining cutting-edge technology with a true entrepreneurial spirit to drive digital transformation in global enterprises. Founded in 2013 by a technologist who architected the current mobile phone industry, the MYNXG IoT platform® unlocks the value of IoT in the most secure way currently available. MYNXG has a team of 50 people, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany with offices in Frankfurt, Germany and Utrecht, Netherlands.

About DroneUp

DroneUp provides end-to-end aerial data solutions to commercial industries and public sector organizations, leveraging our patent-pending platform, Mission Match™️. Through the Mission Match™️ platform, we can locate, qualify, and deploy a single-pilot or multi-pilot crew according to our client requirements. DroneUp is committed to providing a comprehensive network of pilots while maintaining a steadfast commitment to efficient client services and safety. DroneUp is located in 50 states with its headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA. For more information log on to