Secure Mobile Transactions

MYNXG Smart makes each person part of our secure industrial IOT platform through their own smartphone. We use this for industrial access control, safety zones on operating sites and user tasks in business processes.

It is built to accelerate digital transformations by allowing anyone to interact securely with the operating equipment and the related business processes in a digital way. MYNXG Smart makes each smartphone a trusted device in the platform and allows interactions to be monitored with a tamper-proof audit trail (blockchain).

Security And Privacy Standards

MYNXG Smart combines a secure application on each smartphone with NFC technology to connect them to the MYNXG secure industrial IOT platform. We leverage security technologies used in the mobile payment industry to make MYNXG Smart easy to use, secure and privacy compliant (GDPR).

Digital Transformations

A major challenge for digital transformations is letting people securely interact with their business processes. With MYNXG Smart, employees, contractors or visitors can securely transact their user tasks using a regular smartphone. 
The MYNXG industrial blockchain technology can be used to create a tamper-proof audit trail of each mobile transaction.

Secure Management

  • Secure access: Allow people to enter your site upon upfront registration.
  • Realtime Overview: Know exactly who is on site at any time globally.
  • Digital Approval: Make approval processes easy, fast and recordable.
  • Process Management: Route decisions to the right people using their location.
  • Warnings: Warn people when leaving or entering safe areas at your site.
  • Protection: Enforce usage by connecting personal protective equipment (PPE).

Use Cases Examples

Dangerous goods environments require specific care for people working in such areas. MYNXG Smart can detect unauthorized mobile phone usage (ATEX, NEC500/505) and alert on untrained or unauthorized access to such zones.

Get an overview of who is on site, where and for how long globally. This keeps employees, business partners and visitors safe in emergency situations and keeps track of contact moments with your most critical business partners.

Inbound and outbound transport visits are prepared upfront, authorized and processed digitally. This creates a significant reduction in waiting time at the gate and during loading/offloading on site.

Activities relevant for safety or security, like the unlocking of a machine or tank, are often managed manually and with paper-based processes. Doing this digital via the MYNXG industrial Blockchain saves costs and increases compliance and safety.