Secure Industrial Devices

MYNXG Connect uses the most advanced secure industrial IOT technology. It is designed to deliver turnkey security solution to connect global infrastructures.

Industrial sensors, shopfloor equipment, supply chain assets and programmable logic controller (PLC) are easily integrated to make operations digital at core. MYNXG Connect actively protects the devices and their data.Through its unique architecture, MYNXG Connect actively protects the industrial devices and their data.

Retrofitting Infrastructure

MYNXG Connect allows you to quickly retrofit legacy equipment in the field (brownfield devices). We made it easy to connect such equipment by embedding and integrating industrial standards such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, FIELDcomm, HART, MODBUS into our MYNXG gateways. MYNXG Connect secures devices to the highest global cybersecurity standards (ISA/IEC 62443 and CTIA Cybersecurity) and uses end-to-end encryption to protect data ownership and privacy.

Radical Improvements

  • Operating Costs: Automate ERP transactions directly from the connected assets. 
  • Capital Expenditures: Increase asset utilization and uptime through realtime visibility and data from the connected asset.
  • Compliance: Create secure digital audit trails directly from the connected asset for critical events and processes.
  • Pay-Per-Use: Charge customers based on usage parameters directly reported from the connected asset.
  • Inventory Security: Manage customer inventory at their locations to ensure they never stock out.
  • Price-On-Use: Price customer products at the conditions that are valid exactly at the time they are used.


Use Cases Examples

Optimize machining parameters by measuring the tension from the clamping jaws in realtime. Use it to improve quality, reduce throughput times and downtime to improve machine utilization.

Avoid unplanned shutdowns in production and quality creep by measuring the wear of critical parts in realtime. Use the data to customize the critical parts for high risk conditions.

Create remote monitoring of all equipment through dedicated digital twins. Manage operational technology (OT) like IT with over-the-air updates and control functions.

Never let your customers run out of stock and arrange automatic pick-ups for the empty containers. Use realtime container data to do this while optimizing your returnable cost.

Create a secure log of the tank data in our dedicated blockchain to automate goods receipts in your business systems and eliminate the reliance on weighbridge measurements for bulk trucks filling and emptying the tanks.

Use realtime container data and our industrial IOT blockchain to create an auditable value chain for food supply chains, monitoring pressure, temperature and cleaning requirements to ensure food safety.