MYNXG PLC Automation

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are the backbone of the industrial automation. Connect PLCs securely with MYNXG Smallest Possible Cells technology and create digital workflows including remote monitoring and control functions. Manage operational technology as simple as your IT.

MYNXG changes the industrial paradigm by providing secure by design PLC Connectors with industrial grade security compliant to ISA/IEC 62443. Connect your existing brownfield operations and drive factory automation with digital workflows. Our automation solution provides the smartest and most secure solution for many factory automation systems based on PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP and OPC UA.


Connect people securely to your operation technology and drive productivity by providing tools and access to sites, data, processes, and things.

The integration of people is the key for success of any process implementation. Today, everybody uses smartphones and tablets. Employees expect the same user experience at work as in private life. Operational technology (OT) systems require industrial grade security. MYNXG’s Smart Mobile Application Real Time (SMART) combines industrial level of security with attractive tools for process interaction. The introduction of SMART increased digital process execution by up to 60%.

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MYNXG Access

Cloud-based user management providing access to sites, data, processes, and things

It includes ISA/IEC 62443-compliant security process management based on digital workflows for highly flexible processes. MYNXG Access is the basis of the MYNXG industrial Operational Technology (OT) system and contains a cloud-based software as a service solution. A complete people management, based on a sophisticated Global Master Data (GMD) structure is the system’s core, combined with MYNXG Smart Mobile Application Real Time (SMART) and the access infrastructure which is controlled by CTIA cyber secure cellular LTE / 5G Edge gateways. Transparent OSDP based interfaces allow installations of RFID NFC readers and wireless doorknobs.

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MYNXG IBC Fleet Management

Continuous tracking and monitoring of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) with digital workflows. Creating efficient business process modeling opportunities for IBCs and related supply chains.

In industries like food & beverage or the chemical industry Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) are employed to store and to transport liquids. MYNXG is offering a container management solution for IBCs including business processes to manage Kanban systems. Continuous tracking of the IBC location, fill level, and conditions create full transparency any time. Intelligent cloud-based services including digital workflows, digital twins and electronic inventories provide a complete IBC business process landscape.

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MYNXG Process Automation

Automation for remote and secure handling of industrial assets like tanks. Digital workflows provide cost optimizations and fast return of investments.

Industrial processes are an important part of the daily operation routine of any industrial plant. Processes include the handling of fill levels, over fill alarms, control of pumps and flow meters, as well as critical measurements like pH values. In many companies such processes are carried out and controlled manually, resulting in error prone operations. MYNXG Process Automation enables the digitalization of process execution via digital workflows and ISA/IEC 62443 certified secure devices and services. Our solution enables the plant owner to benefit from a significant acceleration and cost optimization.

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MYNXG Warehouse

Create integrated supply chain solutions across the entire value chain. Drive efficiency with digital workflows and integrate supply processes, warehouse management and customer consignment stores.

The effective integration of your supply chain, internal warehouse management and automated supply processes towards your customers is key. MYNXG SMART enables the creation of supply chain interactions at zero cost. The basic version uses the SMART Warehouse App and the GS1 QR-Code labels to automate your warehouse or consignment store. Full automation can be achieved by usage of combined GS1 QR-Code and RFID labels as well as RFID readers for forklifts and gates.

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