Turnkey Private 5G Network

Together with our global network technology partners, MYNXG brings competence and experience to deliver turnkey industrial 5G connectivity to your sites. MYNXG Campus creates a high-speed digital foundation on our customer’s premises.

We ensure full integration with our secure industrial IOT platform to realize all operating cost, reliability and quality of service benefits of a private 5G network. MYNXG can either operate and host the key components of a private industrial 5G campus or deploy this on premise.

Secure Industrial 5G

Combining the benefits of the MYNXG secure industrial IOT with 5G connectivity. We offer the full quality of service (QoS) capabilities available with 5G technology with hardware based end-to-end security. This allows you to operate to the highest global cybersecurity levels and to prioritize devices from a timing, capacity, redundancy and traceability perspective.

Digital Transformations

  • Network: Be independent of mobile network operators.
  • Connection: Allow employees and visitors to use 5G.
  • Data: Collect industrial data from securely connected devices in realtime.
  • Encryption: Bring data end-to-end encrypted to any cloud environment.
  • Communication: Connect industrial equipment at reliability levels.
  • Density: Connect up to a million industrial devices per square kilometer
  • Speed: Allows transmission of data from sensors at speeds of up to 20 Gbps.

    Together with the MYNXG Industrial Blockchain, MYNXG Smart, and MYNXG Connected technologies, it becomes an integrated part of your digital strategy.

    Industrial 5G Advantages

    Digital Fundament: Accelerate digital transformation using secure industrial 5G network technology.

    Reduced Costs: Reduce communication and data costs at your operating locations by becoming independent of the network operators.

    High Speed: Make sure your digital connected assets operate fast and create the first realtime connected industry (PLC) applications.

    Why MYNXG Industrial 5G Campus

    Capable Devices: We can operate 5G mobile technology as a native part of the MYNXG Edge layer within our secure industrial IOT platform. We can demonstrate 5G industrial campus at our MYNXG headquarters.

    Turnkey Technology: By combining partner network equipment with our MYNXG secure industrial IOT platform we can offer turnkey technology for industry parks.

    Network Planning: We plan indoor and outdoor network coverage and align the approval of local bands usage with relevant local authorities (e.g. Bundesnetzagentur, or BNA).