Executive Masterclass

Internet of Things for Executives

Seminar Outline 

1. Internet of Things and you
  • The Internet of Things line-up
  • Definitions, buzzwords, and hype
2. Driving strategic value
  • Optimizing your existing performance with IoT
  • New Business Model discovery
3. Secure IoT for executives 
  • Understanding cyber security risks
  • How to stay secure in the future
4. Implementing Internet of Things
  • Organizational approaches
  • Industry best practices
We ask 8 hours of your time to get immersed in the strategic opportunities and challenges of Internet of Things (IoT). From cyber security risks to driving value and integrating into existing business systems to new business models.

Target audience

Senior executive and non-executive board members.
Attendance at this seminar is by invitation. If you would like to be invited, please fill out underneath form.


EUR 5000 for full day plus individual support.