Flexible Deployment

The MYXNG cloud provides standard user interfaces for digital twins, electronic inventory and user management. More advanced are the configurable dashboards for customers to fully customize the user interface to their needs by using our application libraries.

Truly integrated customer deployments are typically built around the MYNXG API layer, the MYNXG Data forwarding service or use the advanced business process management (BPMN) functionality to integrate business states from industrial IOT devices directly into existing business processes.

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Business Process Integration

MYNXG offers an integrated business process management (BPMN). With the BPMN workflow editor, business process flows can be combined with events from gateways or user tasks from a secure mobile device via the MYNXG method building block (MBB). The MYNXG MBB takes care of communication between each BPMN workflow and the industrial devices that are securely connected to the MYNXG platform. Each BPMN workflow becomes a MYNXG Smart Contract (SC), which secures the BPMN processing and allows direct use of IOT data in business processes to eliminate paperwork and drive process automation. MYNXG Smart Contracts create tamper-proof audit trails for ISA/IEC 62443 process archive and documentation compliance.

Configurable Dashboards

MYNXG Configurable Dashboards (CD) allow for flexible composition dashboards, scada solutions and digital twins. The MYNXG Widgets can visualize MYNXG Edge and Sense products, data of all the connected industrial devices, the network configuration of the products and related data points. MYNXG CD allow a fast and intuitive setup, using diagrams, time series, heatmaps pie- and donut charts. MYNXG CD is also also a Smart Contract to creates tamper proof audit trails for ISA/IEC 62443 process archive and documentation compliance. Automatic deployment of MYNXG CD is secured through a dual approval process.

Alarm Management

The MYNXG secure industrial IOT platform allows users to define alarms, warnings and information. The MYNXG alarm management is RFC 5424 Syslog compliant. We support multiple levels of alarms including security and safety alarms. The alarm management recognizes the physical intrusion at the MYNXG Edge and Sense product level, cyber security attacks, specific data thresholds or human error. Alarms and alerts can be defined via an Alarm Widget in the MYNXG Configurable Dashboard, which includes IFITT (IF that then that) editors per individual connected industrial devices. Using the MYNXG MBB, alarm management can be integrated with BPMN workflows to take relevant business situations into account.

Electronic Inventory

MYNXG Electronic Inventories (EI) are electronic archives that provide a full insight of the deployed industrial IOT system. Using EI, engineering departments keep track of all assets deployed and drive asset and equipment standardization. The EI presents the actual data per connected industrial device. It also shows the MYNXG Lifecycle Status, Alarms, Warnings, Software and Hardware Versions, Data and Status Heartbeats, Information about the monitored products where relevant. MYXNG EI can be customer and application specific and easily be configured and assigned to customers and user groups. Automatic EI deployment is secured with dual approval.

Digital Twins

The MYNXG Digital Twins help to improve asset utilization, reduce downtimes and provide analyzation of operational data in realtime. The MYNXG Digital Twins use secret and value data, which are encrypted data with dedicated keys. This allows to configure the views according to the needs of commercial and technical teams. It enables creating business models, where customers and customer partners share one device with multiple Digital Twins. One practical example is that the engineering team receives the vibration results of a Motor with heatmaps and Fast Fourier Spectrum (FFT) analysis, while the customer receives the utilization, lifetime usage and the energy consumption diagram.