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We are easy to deal with and fast to connect to. Typically, we have a conversation with new potential customers or partners within a week and start with a virtual session to investigate how our industrial grade IOT security solutions can add value to their customers business.

MYNXG has the most secure and innovative IoT landscape design in the world. We routinely engage peer groups (SIIC²) and clients to paint a landscape that is secure and benefits the balance sheet, people and the P&L. Work remote, smarter and secure by bringing together people, products, companies and things with MYNXG. Message us today. We are happy to share our design with you. Take the unique architecture and go digital at core, securely.

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We believe in a digital and secure industrial world and support our customers making it happen in their environment.

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We believe in strong and trustable partnerships to build a strong community for secure IIOT.

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