Industrial fans connected

Reduce maintenance cost

This starts with how to localize and how to reach your industrial fans onsite. This might sound easy but this isn't. We help you localize your fans faster so the maintenance teams can start working immediately instead of losing valuable time.    

Remote configuration 
Sometimes existing fans in the field need software updates or sensor calibration. Doing this remotely, via our secure platform, saves service cost and increases transparency for the customer.
Critical operating conditions 
For high availability environments the fans trigger their own redundancy system. The fans alarm the emergency service teams and provide them with all data required to fix the issue.
 "Air as a service" model 

We measure hundred different parameters in a single fan. Thousands of fans get securely connected and transacted through our blockchain to enable "air as a service” business models.

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Industrial pumps connected

Predictive maintenance
Use the operating data to optimize the maintenance cycles of your pumps via machine learning algorithms. Stop wasting time localizing the pumps onsite during maintenance and reduce the total cost of ownership for your pumps.
Monitor pump vitals  

We measure the vitals of industrial pumps in realtime. They will trigger an alarm just before an outage occurs and contact the service teams with all necessary details.
Electronic inventory

Know which pumps still are in operations and do not pass out on a sales opportunity. Predict the replacement schedules and adjust service cost based on pump aging profile.
Benchmark customer usage

Group pumps into comparable categories and look at their operating data across customers. Understand the differences and support customers improve their usage profile.

End-of-Arm Tooling monitored

Monitor performance

The performance of your robotic system is closely tied to the quality of your robot end of arm tooling (EOAT). Decreasing quality indicators can impact down-time in a later stage significantly. 

Monitor at high speed 

Rotating at high speed, we measure the vitals of power chucks in realtime. They will partner with your machine to optimize the process for better quality and reduced downtime.
Predict maintenance

Get real time data of the end-of-arm tooling in use and monitor performance over time. Predict the right service or replacement intervals and share this data with the customers reducing overall cost.