MYNXG was founded by the technologist Bernd Möller, key contributor to the current global mobile communications architecture. At his previous employers Intel, Ericsson, G&D and Philips, Bernd created significant intellectual property in the mobile technology space, ranging from smartphone architectures, LTE/4G standardization to secure payment systems.

Our management team is a mix of highly experienced business and technology leaders. MYNXG holds essential architectural patents for secure industrial IoT based on end-to-end encryption. MYNXG invented the MYNXG blockchain, specifically designed for industrial use, which can be used by any device.

MYNXG is a secure industrial IOT architecture to protect assets, infrastructure, and their data to the highest cybersecurity standards. MYNXG is the technology of choice to securely connect operational devices in highly regulated industries and the people interacting with them. The platform supports all industrial interfaces at the device level, provides cloud platform APIs and modelling tools for easy integration from field to business processes.

The MYNXG platform sets the de-facto security standard for operational technology, which is accepted and deployed by numerous blue-chip industrial players and industrial OEMs.

MYNXG was founded in 2013, is headquartered in Nuremberg (Germany) and operating MYXNG Technology, Product-and Service companies with further offices in Frankfurt and Utrecht.

MYNXG is a fast growing IOT scale up with EUR 10M+ revenues with 60+ people. MYNXG holds essential patents for secure industrial IoT architecture including multimode communication, real time industrial blockchain and secure access control technologies.


To make the MYNXG secure industrial IOT architecture available to everyone, so that it can become the industrial security standard for the operational technology and the people using them.


To provide best in class technology that makes it easy to connect industrial devices and the people interacting with them at the highest cybersecurity standards to deliver measurable business value for our customers and partners.


Nuremberg, Germany

Neumeyerstraße 28-34
90411 Nürnberg

MYNXG is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany. In the Nuremberg office we operate the Interoperability Lab, our Industrial 5G Campus Lab and the Cloud PKI and Master Template. All Cloud Technology, the HW and SW and the Operating System Solutions, MYNXG Cipher Suite and Security Technology is developed in Nuremberg.

Frankfurt, Germany
Münchener Str. 41
60329 Frankfurt

From the Frankfurt office, the MYNXG customer facing data scientist supports our customers with unlocking their digital value. All data architecture and processing are led from Frankfurt. The sales and marketing leadership is also located in Frankfurt.
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Europalaan 400
3526KS Utrecht
From the Utrecht office, the MYNXG customer value team supports our customers with unlocking their digital value. All business process, experience designs and implementation support are led from Utrecht.


MYNXG holds essential architectural patents for secure industrial IoT based on end-to-end encryption. These are our granted patents:

  • Management of devices in heterogenous networks (US 9,509,628)
  • Resolving collisions in heterogenous networks (US 9,479,450)
  • Industrial Blockchain (US 10,608,910, CA 3 007 206 C)
  • Issuing an alert based on mobile user device location (US 10,891,208)

MYNXG has published patent applications in the following fields:

  • Industrial Blockchain (1 invention)
  • IBC Management (3 inventions)
  • Pallet Management (2 inventions)
  • Access Management (7 inventions)

Continuous work in progress making IOT secure for industrial applications drives us. We are continually adding new and innovative technologies to the market and protecting such inventions with patent applications. MYNXG holds patent applications that are not yet published in the following fields:

  • Secure IOT Connector
  • Management of an industry campus
  • Secure cloud operations

updated January 2021