Scalable Industrial Cloud

We built the MYNXG secure industrial IOT Cloud with a highly scalable IOT service layer and hardware architecture. MYNXG Core and Flow secure industrial IOT layers are implemented inside the MYNXG Cloud and built in line according to open cloud foundry principles. MYNXG Core provides the public key infrastructure (PKI), product, thing and data management. It is optimized for the dynamic IP management of industrial devices communication directly via cellular mobile networks.

MYNXG Core manages data decryption on user demand, product lifecycle, end-to-end security, over-the-air updates (OTA) and the MYNXG Blockchain. MYNXG Core hosts the BPMN engine and provides the data import and export services. The MYNXG API layer allows you to integrate any IT cloud environment like AWS, Microsoft or SAP. The MYXNG Cloud can be used as a service, but is also flexible to be deployed to any hosted or on-premise IT environment. The MYNXG Cloud is operated from cloud server templates to create an easily long term scalable deployment setup, flexible to integrate 5G Campus network components. MYNXG Cloud services utilize Kubernetes and Dockers container services for short term scalability.

Cellular Native Cloud

MYNXG industrial IOT Cloud is built for cellular mobile connectivity. MYXNG mobile management is optimized to handle dynamic internet protocol (IP) traffic. MYNXG devices can setup calls and communicate at any time towards the MYNXG cloud. MYNXG developed an advanced service layer technology specifically designed to handle dynamic internet protocol (IP) connections required for mobile communication. The secure IOT service layer technology reacts in real time to mobile devices requiring or sending data. MYNXG Mobile Management creates the best mobile network experience through Mobile Network Infrastructure data, close cooperation with mobile network operators (MNO) to provide national roaming solutions and by embedding multi-modal communications technology at the device level.

Scalable Hardware Deployment

The MYNXG Cloud is implemented with hardware templates. Templates are dual server racks, containing highly redundant master and worker servers, include hardware security modules (HSM), switches, firewalls, power supply, storage and 5G network components, where applicable. The MYNXG Cloud services utilize SUSE Container as a Service (CaaS) with Kubernetes and Dockers to map the MYNXG Core towards the physical servers. MYNXG Templates allow the scaling of solutions and flexible hosting concepts managed as a service, or deployed any datacenter or on premise.

Over-The-Air Management

MYNXG Core provides product lifecycle management for MYNXG Edge and Sense product families, as well as for all connected industrial devices. Using the MYNXG TCB we provide over-the-air (OTA) management, secure remote configuration and control of device updates to modify the functionality and parameters of industrial devices in the field. This is highly essential to eliminate human machine interaction (HMI) with industrial IOT devices. MYNXG IEC/ISO compliant software security management maintains each device at best security state, during its entire product lifecycle. Over the air management includes software updates, deploying edge machine leaning algorithms, application content and security updates.

MYNXG Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The MYNXG Core provides the key security as a service functions, including PKI. At the center of the MYNXG PKI infrastructure is the MYNXG certification authority (CA). The MYNXG CA is built on the thales hardware security modules (HSM) and the KeySecure management of keys. The MYNXG CA is creating the keys and certificates for MYNXG Edge and Sense products, protecting the device and encrypting all data. The MYNXG secure and value data server is a high-performance decryption, secure processing and encryption engine that creates the horizontal and vertical data marta for a realtime user experience. The MYNXG Blockchain, the MYNXG product database and production client, which are used to manufacture MYNXG Edge and Sense product, are part of the MYNXG PKI.

Industrial 5G Campus

The MYNXG mobile management is designed to manage cellular communication from public networks and industrial 5G networks. Working closely together with global network equipment providers, MYNXG integrated full 5G capability into the MYNXG secure industrial IOT architecture, all the way from the MYNXG Edge gateways into the MYNXG Core. This creates a unique turnkey secure industrial 5G infrastructure for secure, realtime, high quality of service (QoS) operational technology.