Industrial Blockchain

We developed an industrial blockchain technology, designed to handle high speed and transaction volumes through cellular connectivity. Industrial environments create billions of transactions per day through connected industrial IOT devices. The MYNXG Blockchain serves these transactions directly from inside the MYNXG trusted compute base (TCB) of each device.

The MYNXG Blockchain is based on the most effective communication methods between the IOT device and the cloud. Private blockchain keys are stored securely inside the TPM of the device. Proof of authenticity (POA) and the proof of work (POW) are computed at device level. The POA and POW at the MYNXG Cloud level are done with certificates to provide scalability. The devices can be grouped per application and customer specific into separate blockchains, allowing for infinite scalability. The MYNXG Blockchain runs over 10.000 transactions per second (TPS).

High-Speed Technology

By optimizing the communication between device and cloud and by integrating transport frame structures that host the POA/POW, we created the most effective and scalable industrial blockchain in the world. By implementing the POA/POW with public credentials it is possible to scale the MYNXG Blockchain to infinity. MYNXG Blockchain is minimally invasive and can be implemented with the MYNXG TCB in all industrial devices as part of the MYNXG secure industrial IOT platform.

US Patented

MYNXG was granted US patent for its highly effective blockchain technology. The novel technology is tailored for high-performance industrial use-cases. It offers the possibility to integrate MYNXG Smart Contracts (SC), for example when assigning devices to users, running BPMN workflow processes and secure mobile transactions using MYNXG Smart. Customers use the secure and privacy (GDPR) compliant blockchain transactions to create tamper-proof audit trails and setup ISA/IEC 62443 industrial security environments.

Tamper Proof Audit

Industrial devices operate in highly regulated environments. Critical operational events, usage parameters updates, software patches and updates, sensor calibration and workflow interactions by employees performing critical tasks need to be monitored. The MYNXG Blockchain and the MYNXG Smart Contracts (SC) create tamper-proof audit trails. MYNXG Blockchain is designed to support the needs of asset owners for secure devices, provisioning services and tamper proof audit trails which are ISO 27001 (IT) and ISA/IEC 62443 (OT) compliant.

New Service Models

MYNXG Blockchain technology and the MYNXG TCB open the door to industrial scale-up of cybersecurity and blockchain applications. This enables original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to automate calibration and certification processes, production and lifecycle management on their customer’s sites or create new business models such as "equipment as a service”.

Digital Product Lifecycle

MYNXG Blockchain, MYNXG TCB and MYNXG PKI Technology convert traditionally complex, slow, manual processes into a fully digitalized lifecycle management. We created electronic inventories and smart contracts to monitor devices according to the needs of asset owners. Automatic trails of the entire product lifecycle, monitoring of the device actions, management of devices cyber secure and trustable, enables companies to be radically more efficient.