Secure Industrial IOT

With billions of industrial devices connected each year, it’s more important than ever to secure yours. Protect physical infrastructures and their data to the highest international cybersecurity standards. MYNXG trusted compute base (TCB) creates hardware based end-to-end security solutions for industrial operating environments.

The MYNXG industrial IOT architecture is built on decades of experience in hardware, software, and cloud technology to implement and deploy rapidly scalable security solutions for industrial operating environments. It is compliant with international ISA/IEC 62443 cybersecurity standards.

In MYNXG Sense and MYNXG Edge, the bottom two layers of our architecture, we use commercially available trusted platform modules (TPM). The MYNXG TCB consists of the TPM and the MYNXG Cipher Suite, integrated into the MYNXG Operating System (OS) to manage security processes at the industrial field equipment level. MYNXG TCB and OS are available as reference designs for our customers and (SIIC²) partners to embed the MYNXG industrial IOT security solutions into their own industrial equipment environment.

MYNXG Core and MYNXG Flow are hosted in the MYNXG Cloud. These two top layers of our architecture provide a rich set of tools to administrate industrial-grade operational technology (OT) securely. The architecture provides all services for a secure lifecycle management of MYNXG Sense and MYNXG Edge from the day it is produced until its end of life. The MYNXG public key infrastructure (PKI) combines hardware security modules (HSM), MYNXG product management, our encryption and decryption engines and the MYNXG US patented blockchain. The MYNXG PKI manages security processes at the cloud level and can be used as a security as a service solution. MYXNG customers can use MYNXG secure industrial IOT cloud solutions as a service or deploy it to any hosted or on-premise IT environment.

Download - MYNXG Architecture

Open Hardware Architecture

The complete MYNXG secure IOT architecture is open for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to integrate their own industrial device hardware and software structures. MYNXG secure cloud elements can be embedded and are open to be deployed into any global cloud environment.
MYNXG embedded operating system (OS) allows a fast integration of customer specific commands. Together with the MYNXG TCB, it ensures that industrial devices can securely link into the MYNXG Cloud. The API layer in MYNXG Core allows for remote management and configuration of all industrial devices via the MYNXG Cloud.


MYNXG Sense products offer edge computing technology to gather realtime data from individual assets. MYNXG OS and the MYNXG TCB protect the devices and encrypt their sensitive data with our end-to-end security technology. We execute blockchain transactions at the MYNXG Sense level. MYNXG Senses are plug and play, updateable over-the-air (OTA) and connect directly to our secure industrial IOT cloud.


MYNXG Edge products are high performance industrial IOT gateways to connect multiple industrial assets simultaneously. MYNXG Edge is protected by the MYNXG TCB. The MYNXG Edge product family offers a rich set of industrial interfaces for process and PLC automation (Hart, FieldCOMM, OSPD and PROFINET). MYNXG Edges are plug and play, can be updated over-the-air (OTA), can use almost all cellular and wireless communication standards and connect directly to our secure industrial IOT cloud.


MYXNG Core is a secure IOT service layer based on cloud foundry and MYNXG security principles. MYNXG Core can be run as a service, hosted at any data center or run on-premise. It provides the MYNXG public key infrastructure (PKI) and product, thing and data management. It manages data decryption on demand, end-to-end security processes and product lifecycle management, over-the-air updates (OTA) and the MYNXG Blockchain. MYNXG mobile management provides full control over cellular devices in public networks or the MYNXG Campus. MYNXG Core hosts the BPMN engine and provides key data import and export services. MYNXG API layers allows you to integrate into any IT cloud environment.


MYNXG Flow is the user interaction layer to connect people and business processes. MYNXG Configurable Dashboard is designed to customize digital twins and scada solutions. MYNXG Flow hosts electronic inventories and system status, allowing for secure service provisioning and ISA/IEC 62443 compliant administration of your operational technology (OT) environment. Workflows and process integration can be modelled and deployed instantly through a workflow engine (BPMN). MYNXG Flow provides your encrypted data for business analysis or integration into operational processes (BPMN) directly from the industrial device.