Secure Industrial IOT

End-to-end security solutions to protect devices and data

Secure Industrial IOT

The MYNXG secure industrial IOT (IIOT) architecture protects physical infrastructures and their data to the highest cybersecurity standards. The MYNXG industrial blockchain technology creates tamper proof audit trails.

The MYNXG IOT security solutions are easy to integrate at the industrial device and cloud level. The customizable user interface, API and process integration layers deliver immediate business value.

Who we are

We built and operate an end-to-end secure industrial IOT architecture to protect devices and their data. It meets the toughest global cybersecurity standards.

What we believe

We made it our mission to make it easy to connect every piece of industrial equipment and every person working with it at the highest cybersecurity levels possible.

How we work

We work closely with executive teams at equipment manufacturers, platform operators and asset owners to drive business improvements with secure industrial IOT.


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Going Digital

Working digital means making sense of the data from billions of connected distributed devices and the many people and processes interacting with them. Becoming digital at core, requires a senior strategic commitment to digitize everything that is interacting with and within your company and to take out all non-value adding steps in between them. Going digital at core will drive profitability improvements, strengthen your long-term competitive advantage and can create amazing customer and user experiences.

The industrial blockchain in our end-to-end secure industrial IOT platform creates the basis for secure tamper-proof audit trails for the connected industry and smart supply chains. From logging critical events to creating trust between partners through smart contracts, it allows for new secure ways to operate with suppliers, customers and regulators, like pay-per-use models and realtime critical infrastructure reporting.

Operating digital creates inherent cybersecurity concerns. The number of attacks via industrial IoT devices is steadily increasing. Connected sensors, shopfloor equipment, supply chain assets and programmable logic controllers (PLC) expose your company to significant cyber security risks. We created industrial grade IOT security solutions to address these risks. Our true differentiation is our hardware based end-to-end security approach to protect devices and their data.
The MYNXG trusted compute base (TCB) uses commercially available trusted platform modules (TPM) which are used at the device level. The MYNXG cloud environment uses hardware security modules (HSM) , which combined with the MYNXG public key infrastructure (PKI), cipher suite creates an end-to-end security architecture. Together with our industrial blockchain and secure mobile technology, we deliver industrial grade IOT security solutions at the highest cybersecurity standards.
We make it easy for companies to connect their existing operating technology (OT) environments securely using common industrial standards (hardware signals and protocols) build into the MYNXG platform. Leveraging secure mobile payment technology, we turn regular smartphones into a trusted devices so that any person can interact securely with our platform.
The end-to-end encrypted data from the industrial devices and the people interacting with them can be seamlessly integrated with any existing business systems (IT) though our API or business process integration layers. This how we drive digital at core with customers, delivering radical productivity improvements.